Message from our COO

My whole life has been about creating a healthy mind and body. This is because, since childhood, my body has been weak, so I have always had a drive to be healthier than everyone else.  I used to watch my friends running cheerfully, full of energy and wonder why it was me that was ill and why was it that some people were vivacious and others not. I have spent my entire life pondering these questions.

When I am in good health I like to challenge myself but then, there is always a slight feeling of anxiety in case I become ill. I feel I can’t push myself too far. If you are in good health, your mind can be positive and you can follow your dreams. If you can increase your body’s energy you can use that energy to challenge yourself to do things you have not yet experienced. You can lead a prosperous life.

I started taking an interest in my body and then learning about nourishment, I noticed that my diet was short of nutrition. I began taking nutritional supplements and subsequently became more confident in my physical strength.

For a healthy mind and an energetic body the necessary attributes are MEALS, EXERCISE and SLEEP/REST. More than 90% of people receive some kind of health problem or abnormality from their health checks. If you receive such a notification please review your lifestyle and begin moderate exercise with a balanced diet so as to reduce stress.

Our main source of nutrition comes from our regular 3 meals a day. However, nowadays people are always “on the go” and rigorously busy, so it is hard to maintain the sustenance needed from meals alone. Through our supplements you can conserve a balanced diet. Also, even if you think you are getting the perfect, 100% of your nutrients through your regular meals, controlled dieticians now recognize that supplements are necessary for people today.

Here are some of the reasons why: Firstly, the fields where crops are grown are dwindling and the nutrients in the vegetables themselves, are decreasing. Therefore, people are not getting their expected amount of nutrients.

Secondly, contamination; the air and water are polluted. Unknowingly poor substances enter the body and more nutrients are needed to process the substances. The leading country for supplements is America. Japanese people enjoy superb healthcare and have an “anyone, anywhere, anytime” medical system. However, in the USA, the medical system has many different insurance systems and no, “one for all” care program. This can lead to exceedingly high medical costs for US citizens. Therefore, research on supplements, which have become a pillar of alternative medical care, is developed and fed to the public.

The number of people in Japan using supplements for the prevention of illnesses and the overall maintaining of good health has increased. A survey in 2016 showed that approximately 60% of people use them. The role that supplements play to support eating habits is growing year by year. Even those who are conscientious about their eating habits are actively adopting supplements into their lives.

The basic point of eating is to enjoy delicious, balanced meals. By fortifying the shortage of nutrients with supplements we are making a healthier tomorrow that will enhance each, and every single life. In order to help, we at Magokoro.,Ltd are delighted to deliver these nutritional supplements to our customers and hope that as many people as possible can live healthy and affluent lives. We, in turn, will spare no effort to provide products that are safe and highly effective.

We will deliver them graciously and we thank you for you custom.

COO Kazuhiro Matsuo

2019-05-18 | Posted in information