【こんな人にお勧め】☚チェックポイント ☆青汁の栄養素は取り入れたいが味が苦手な人


まごころトリビア : 1日3スティックを目安にお飲みください。そのまま又はお水、牛乳等でお飲みください。




CHECKPOINT: Recommended for people who

☆Want the Green juice nutrients but don’t enjoy the taste
☆Enjoy the flavour of green tea but are looking for even more nutrition
☆Drink vegetable juice daily
☆Are concerned about the dietary nutritional balance
☆Would like to relax their feelings
☆Are keen to keep an ideal waistline and improve dietary balance
☆Who are generally concerned about health, eat out or drink too much

Magokoro Trivia: As a guide, drink 3 glasses a day.
Mix 1-3 sticks a day with cold water or milk. Add honey for a sweeter taste.

We offer originally made health products. All our products are made in Japan at our laboratory with fresh Japanese ingredients.

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