原材料 : 大麦若葉エキス、乳酸菌、人参エキス、ほうれん草エキス、ケールエキス、セロリエキス、ニガウリエキス、オリゴ糖

産地 : MADE IN JAPAN、国産野菜使用

Green Juice (Japanese blue juice blended together with green tea for a mellow, easy to swallow, taste)

Green Juice 7 plus (Green Juice includes lactic acid bacteria)

Vegetable Salad Green Juice

Ingredients : Barley, wakaba extract, lactic acid bacteria, ginseng extract, spinach extract, kale extract, celery extract, gourd extract, oligosaccharides.

MADE IN JAPAN, domestic vegetable use.


养汁7+ (绿汁+乳酸菌)



产地:MADE IN JAPAN,日本国产蔬菜



This is an extremely popular item. Magokoro company’s commitmentNatural Extraction. Because we wait for natural extraction it cannot be mass produced.

Beware : Some companies apply heat pressure to speed up the extraction process. Sorry, we are temporarily out of stock. We are working hard to rectify this.














まごころトリビア : 1日3杯を目安に毎日飲んで下さい。冷蔵庫で冷やしたお水で溶いてお召し上がりください。お水で溶いて出来上がった緑汁を水筒やペットボトルに入れて飲むと良いでしょう。

CHECKPOINT : Recommended for people who 确认要点推荐如下人服用

Want the blue juice nutrients but don’t enjoy the taste 想摄取青汁的营养成分,但不喜欢苦味儿的人。

☆Enjoy the flavour of green tea but are looking for even more nutrition 喜欢绿茶的清香,又想增加营养要素的人。

☆Drink vegetable juice daily 平日里常喝菜汁的人。

☆Worry about their intestines or suffer from constipation 希望解决便秘烦恼的人

☆Are unable to eat 3 solid meals a day 因忙碌而不能保证一日三餐的人。

☆Are concerned about the dietary nutritional balance 想保持营养平衡但做不到的人。

☆Would like to relax their feelings 想使情绪放松的人。

☆Want plenty of iron and fiber in their diet and keep fresh and alert 想摄取充分食物铁分及食物纤维,欲求起床后有一个清爽的感觉的人。

☆Are keen to keep an ideal waistline and improve dietary balance 想解决偏食维持营养平衡改善腰围曲线的人。

☆Who are generally concerned about health, eat out or drink too much 经常在外用餐饮酒,担心健康的人。

Magokoro Trivia : As a guide, drink 3 glasses a day. Mix with cold water from the refrigerator and enjoy the smooth taste. It is a nice idea to mix it with a bottle of cold water and take it with you on your day. 《真心》推荐饮用法:每日大致饮用量三杯。用在冰箱里冷却了的水饮用。也可把溶于水的绿汁装入保温杯或塑料瓶里饮用。